Healthy landscapes often have one thing in common – a foundation of quality topsoil. Our processed topsoil is packed with nutrients and follows the same great quality guidelines you’ve come to expect from Rice’s.

  1. $26.00/yard

Shipping & Return Information

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When selecting your delivery options, we will confirm your delivery by email.

Mulch delivery is $30 for orders of 4 yards or less and $50 for orders of 5-10 yards for locations within 10 minutes of the Garden Center.

Any amounts over 10 yards will be an additional $30 (for 1-4 yards over) or $50 (for 5 or more yards over).

Mulch delivery is also available (with a $25 surcharge) for locations 10-15 minutes from the Garden Center.

Mulch cannot be returned.

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You can purchase mulch at our Spring Garden Showroom.
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