Campbell Oil: Landscaping Design Complements New Company HQ

When Campbell Oil built their new headquarters in Massillon, OH, they wanted the exterior to reflect the state-of-the-art nature of the facility.Campbell Oil: Landscaping design around sign in front of new headquarters The Fred Olivieri Construction Company handled the project and enlisted Rice’s for landscape planning and design.


The company had a wish list of landscaping goals they hoped to achieve.

  • Curb appeal was a high priority, to garner attention with color that would bridge all seasons.
  • Though the new building was located within a city environment, they wanted to provide green space for employees.
  • Since it’s a tall building with narrow beds, balancing that height with the landscaping was important.

Landscaping around new Campell Oil headquarters building


Rice's designed a landscape plan, taking into consideration both the wish list and the challenges presented by the location.

Tall plantings in the beds helped visually break up the height of the building. To give the urban location residential appeal, Rice’s used a variety of colorful flowers and shrubs. Mounding was shaved down to give more visibility to the building and flowers.

Landscaping framing entrance of new headquarters for Campbell Oil

To introduce more green space, Rice’s even used the parking lots with landscaped islands equipped with irrigation for maintenance. To avoid truck drivers running over curbs, the landscape design called for strategically placed boulders to define the curb areas.

Ease of maintenance was a factor throughout the design, including an irrigation system to maintain the landscaping. On sloped areas, the landscapers planted no-mow seed mix, providing attractive color in areas that are difficult to mow. Gravel mulch also supported a low-maintenance property while providing an appealing contrast to the flowering plants.

New outdoor patio space and lanscaping at Campbell Oil headquarters


“Working with Rice’s has been a pleasure. They’re professional, responsive and, most importantly, the best in the business when it comes to lawn and landscaping projects,” Doug C. of Campbell Oil says. “Whether you have a new property or are reworking an old one, Rice’s knows how to bring it to life.”   

Since the initial landscaping and design work, Campbell Oil has maintained Rice’s services to handle irrigation, fertilization, lawn maintenance, bed maintenance and plowing. The company also hired Rice’s to landscape their newly installed service stations, as they have expanded throughout the area.

Rice's Landscapes Redefined truck sitting in front of Campbell Oil headquarters and their new landscaping

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