Outdoor LightingBring elegance and beauty to your property while improving safety and security with landscape lighting designed and installed by Rice’s.

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Enjoy your landscaping, night and day

Your flower beds are immaculate, and your trees and bushes are trimmed smartly. Wouldn’t you like to enjoy their beauty, whether it’s day or night? You can with Rice’s landscape lighting.

We can paint your property with light, from illuminating gardens to highlighting patios to setting the outside of your entire home aglow. The only limit is your imagination.  

Tell us what you want, and we’ll help you pick and install custom light fixtures true to your needs and vision. We have an array of lighting options to turn your design ideas into reality.

Is landscape lighting a good investment?

Outdoor accent lighting enhances the beauty of your landscaping, improves the safety and security of your home and increases your property’s curb appeal – and when you work with Rice’s, you don’t have to stress.

Our landscaping team will help you identify your lighting goals and walk you through every step of design and installation. We want to bring your vision to life.

But our assistance doesn’t have to end there. Rice’s Estate Landscape Management can help you preserve your investment with regular maintenance to keep your landscape lighting shining brightly.

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Why is landscape lighting so expensive?

Landscape lighting is an investment, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Tell us what you’re looking for and our experts can design and install a lighting system that enhances the beauty of your home while staying within your budget.

Remember, the longer your lighting system lasts, the less it will cost over time, so sign up with Rice’s Estate Landscape Management to get the most from your outdoor lighting.

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Are LED and solar landscape lights worth it?

Rice’s has a wide range of lighting options. Work with our expert designers to find LED, solar and other kinds of lights that will bring beauty to your landscaping project.

After you’ve seen some of the landscape lighting projects we’ve done for other customers, request a quote by filling out the form below and let Rice’s bring your landscape lighting dreams to life.