Mulch Blowing Services

Transform your property into a professionally manicured landscape with Rice’s blown-in mulch services.

Prevent unwanted weeds from diminishing the beauty of your residential or commercial landscaping while maintaining a healthy moisture level for your plants and their roots. Our mulch blowing service delivers labor-saving technology installed by our staff of expert professionals.

No matter the landscape you wish to enhance with mulch blowing, Rice’s can help.

On installations of 30 yards or more, we offer bulk mulch in many textures and colors. Blown mulch is ideal for playgrounds, walking/running tracks, parks, golf courses and corporate campuses.

What is blown-in mulch?

Our specialized blown mulch installation crews take the muscle out of mulch laying. Using state-of-the-art pneumatic air technology, our expert team carefully spreads mulch on your property with ease and without the need of wheelbarrows, heavy equipment, or additional foot traffic. Our innovative approach allows us to install mulch quickly and efficiently in those hard-to-reach areas that can slow down the process when working by hand.

Blow-in mulch vs. spreading by hand

Blow-in mulch services offer many benefits over spreading mulch by hand. Blow-in much is fast, efficient, precise and uniform, while hand-spreading can be difficult, messy, painstaking and time-consuming. Using a mulch blowing service gives you an attractive, professional result while saving time and labor.

  • Spray mulch is more precise than hand-spreading, providing a uniform blanket of mulch to any thickness.
  • Mulch blowing lets an individual operator complete the task faster and more efficiently than spreading by hand.
  • Blown-in mulch can be applied without damaging the surrounding lawn or plantings.
  • Mulch blowing allows easier access to difficult terrain such as hard-to-reach areas, slopes or wide beds.
  • Since all that is needed is the operator and a hose, there is no worry about compaction due to equipment and foot traffic.

Ideal Settings for Spray Mulching

Blown mulch is ideal for residential as well as commercial settings, including:

  • Playgrounds
  • Walking/running tracks
  • Parks
  • Golf courses
  • Corporate campuses

Mulch Blowing Service Areas

Rice’s offers mulch blowing and other landscaping services to commercial and residential customers in various cities throughout Northeast Ohio.

Call Rice’s today at 330-915-3110 for more information or to receive a quote.