Landscape Stairs

Landscape stairway in front of a homeConsidering outdoor stairs and the way they would enhance your Northeast Ohio property? Let Rice’s landscape professionals create a design for you.

Landscape stairs add accessibility and beauty to your outdoor areas. At Rice’s, we are experts at landscaping stairs ideas and design. Our landscaping team can incorporate natural elements and utility to give you the picturesque functionality you crave.

Landscape & Outdoor Stairs Ideas

There are many landscape stairs designs, from modern to traditional. Whether you want a more natural look or something more dramatic, we can help you make it a reality. Here are just a few landscape stairs ideas to consider.

Concrete or Metal Stairs

Outdoor stairs comprised of concrete or metal can add an attractive touch to your backyard living area. A concrete stairway can be beautiful when surrounded by stones, boulders, or other landscaping accompaniments. Metal steps can be made to look more natural in the surroundings with the right landscaping design.

Mediterranean Style Stairs

A Mediterranean-style outdoor stair might use river pebbles or other natural and rustic elements, surrounded by complimentary flowers and plants.

Stone Stairs

Both natural and field stones are used to create this type of landscape stairs, which can be designed to provide subtle or dramatic pathways to your outdoor living spaces. Bluestone is a popular option that combines elegance and durability.

Wood or Slate Stairs

Wood or slate are natural design options that bring a traditionally beautiful touch.

Incorporate Outdoor Lighting

Our team of landscape experts can also design your garden stairs and walkways with outdoor lighting, creating an inviting way to explore your landscape after hours.

Rice’s Landscape Stair Designs

Rice’s is Northeast Ohio’s skilled landscaping and outdoor design team. Our services include custom designed landscapes and estate landscape management.

If you want to enhance your outdoor living spaces, why not consider outdoor stairs? Our designers can bring ideas for landscape stairs to your property. Start today by completing the form below to request a free quote.