Luxury Apartment Complex Landscaping

The landscape of a luxury apartment complex provides many benefits for tenants and management. Placed strategically, trees and shrubs can provide privacy by blocking window access, reduce noise pollution from neighboring roads and even disguise unsightly utility areas and dumpsters. Including an outdoor garden and community space will increase property value and provide a welcoming atmosphere.

Whether you’re upgrading your luxury apartment complex landscaping or constructing a fresh outdoor area for your luxury apartments or condos, our reliable, award-winning commercial landscaping services will ensure you provide the best landscaping benefits for your tenants.

Rice’s has been providing quality landscaping to Canton and Akron areas for more than 75 years. Rice’s offers ongoing maintenance as well as new installations for luxury apartments and condos.

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Luxury Apartment Complex Landscaping Installations

Our expert Northeast Ohio team offers a variety of outdoor features for luxury apartments and condos. Rice’s will work with you to guarantee a functional and attractive landscape that will increase your property value and retain and attract tenants.

Some of the outdoor upgrades we offer for condos and luxury apartment complexes are:

Outdoor Spaces – Install an inviting outdoor courtyard for your apartment tenants to enjoy.

Structures – Implement fencing, barriers and gates to create private areas for your tenants.

Mulch Blower Installation – Our mulch blower service delivers quick and easy installation in hard to reach areas.

Steps and Sidewalks – Add a safe entrance to your condo or luxury apartment complex with walkways and steps.

Seasonal Color – Beautify the landscape of your apartment complex by adding colorful flowers. Container gardens, annuals and perennials will provide a gorgeous environment for your tenants to enjoy.

Landscape lighting – Equip your landscape with professional lighting to showcase the exterior of your complex and your best landscape features.

Landscape Irrigation – Our landscaping engineers design and install custom irrigation to make sure your apartment complex lawn stays looking fresh and green.


Luxury Apartment Landscape Management

Luxury apartment landscapes require a lot of attention. Partner with Rice’s for your landscape management needs and we’ll help you impress current and prospective tenants with a well-manicured and stunning property, all year long.

Some landscape management services we offer to condos and luxury apartment complexes include:

Weekly Service Our professional team will visit your luxury apartments for regular landscape maintenance to keep your grounds looking great.

Lawn Care & Weed Control – We’ll make sure the surrounding lawn is kept neat and free from pesky weeds.

Mid-Summer Pruning – As seasons change, Rice’s will cut back new growth, so your landscape is in great shape.

Snow and Ice Management Northeast Ohio winter can provide a challenge when it comes to parking lots and sidewalks. Partner with Rice’s and let us handle the snow and ice to keep your tenants safe.

Bed Maintenance – Keep your flower beds weed and insect free with regular check-ins from the Rice’s team.


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