Residential Snow Removal Services

Snow Removal ServiceIf there’s one thing you can predict about Ohio winters, it is that they are completely unpredictable. When inclement weather does hit, Rice’s is ready to clear the snow and ice from your driving and walking areas to keep your property safe.

We use the right equipment for your property, such as BOSS snowplows and bulk salt spreaders for extra-large or long driveways, and gentle walkway equipment to “broom” slate, tile or cement sidewalks and patios. Our professional and careful crews make sure that your property retains all the beauty of winter, without the danger or nuisance of ice or deep snow.

Plus, our snow removal service is a regular part of our Estate Landscape Management program, so clients never need to wonder if our crews will be on site after a snow or ice storm.

To learn more about how Rice’s can care for your landscape all season long, fill out the form below to request a free quote.