Custom Landscape Irrigation Systems

Landscape irrigation system installed by Rice’sProper hydration is essential for healthy lawns in Northeast Ohio. The best way to get started is with consistent watering and even coverage across your landscapes. If you do not currently have an irrigation system in place or need to replace an existing system, our landscape engineers are able to design and install a custom landscape irrigation solution for your property.

Wondering if it’s worth it to install an irrigation system? To protect your investment and ensure your irrigation landscaping is properly maintained, we recommend signing on for our Estate Landscape Management program. As an ongoing maintenance client, our crews will regularly monitor your irrigation, program specific settings each season and adjust them throughout the year as needed.

Irrigation FAQs

What are the different types of sprinkler devices?
The 3 main devices in a sprinkler system are rotors, sprays, and low-volume emitters.

How long should I run my sprinkler system?

  • Rotor Zone: 12-30 minutes depending on the amount of shade, the soil conditions and drainage
  • Spray Zones: 5-15 minutes depending on the amount of shade, the soil conditions and drainage
  • Low-Volume Emitters: 30-90 minutes depending on the amount of shade, the soil conditions, drainage and the length of the runs

How do I make seasonal adjustments?
We recommend using the seasonal adjustment feature on the sprinkler system controller to avoid both under- and overwatering. Newer plants require more frequent watering than plants that are older than two years. View our seasonal adjustment charts for lawn and bed zones.

What do I do with my irrigation system in the winter?
To protect your landscape irrigation system during harsh Ohio winters, we recommend blowing out irrigation systems in the fall to remove most of the water. Then, in the spring when temperatures stay above freezing, check and restart the systems.

Where can I learn more about irrigation systems?
Learn more in our irrigation care guide.

Ready to Add an Irrigation Installation to Your Landscape?

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