Employee Spotlight: Paula DiGiacomo


Portrait of Paula DiJiacomoName: Paula DiGiacomo

Job Title: Annuals and Containers Specialist

A love for gardening and fierce pride in her work makes Paula an excellent face to see poking around your landscape. For nearly 19 years, Paula’s been plying her skills from the greenhouses to containers, routine bed maintenance to pretty much anything else that needs done. Friendly and outgoing, chances are you’ve chatted with Paula if she’s a member of your weekly landscape crew. And you can be certain she’s treating your landscape as if it were her own, ensuring you’ll be pleased with all her hard work.

Here at Rice’s, we like to consider each other family. Well, Paula took that to a whole new level when she met her husband right here working in Rice’s landscape department. They married at the Rice’s farm in 2000 and have a son, Dominic, 17.

When not on the job, Paula raises chickens and hogs with her husband. She also enjoys fishing and hunting. Oh, and of course, gardening.

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Planters designed by Paula DiJiacomo