Hendrickson International Case Study

In 2014, Hendrickson International undertook a major addition to their Canton, Ohio facility. This included updating the monochromatic and generic façade and overhauling the lackluster landscaping.

Exterior view of Hendrickson International corporate entrance


During the initial design phase, a Rice’s designer was tasked with creating a new corporate entrance that would be the hallmark of Hendrickson’s updated building. They needed a thought provoking, showy landscape, to match the new feel of the building and create an impactful presence. They also needed a buffer to block the view of a neighboring industrial building. Finally, a solution needed to be found to deal with the build up of salt deicers that clients and employees tracked into the building during the winter months.


The final design incorporated the clean, contemporary look of the updated building by using grouping of colorful, low-maintenance plantings to give a big impact, not only as you walk in the door, but also from the nearby highway. They also added areas for seasonal colors, utilizing Rice’s Commercial Grounds Services package to keep up the impressive color spring through fall.

The existing irrigation system was inefficient, so Rice’s retrofitted it with new water-saving sprayer heads and valves reducing water consumption and lowered their water bill. An old chain link fence that previously surrounded the property was replaced with a low-maintenance, metal picket fence, along with an updated sign monument and flag poles. Not only did Rice’s design these new features, they were able to coordinate installation with mutual vendors to get the work done in a timely manner.

The salt issue was no longer a problem after Rice’s incorporated a heating system underneath the entrance pavers, complete with Hendrickson’s logo and coordinated to match corporate colors to show a strong branding presence throughout the new build.

Entrance pavers at Hendrickson International

To keep their investment looking its best, Hendrickson’s signed on for Rice’s year-round Commercial Grounds Services package, replacing annuals seasonally, maintaining the upgraded irrigation system, mowing and maintaining the lawns, and keeping the planting beds weed free.


“The final product has definitely made a positive impact on our facility, and how we are perceived. We are proud that we have received many compliments from within and from outside of our staff. The maintenance crews do a great job of taking care of the grounds. It always looks great after they have left for the day. We had a small issue on mowing and the problem was addressed promptly. I would recommend Rice’s to my connections because I feel Rice’s has the capability to design and maintain the right landscape for their individual needs. Rice’s expertise went well beyond just lawn care, they were able to design and install shrubs, trees, lawn and front entry pavers with our logo.”

- Mike Rinaldi, Facilities Coordinator, Hendrickson International

Planting bed in front of Hendrickson International


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