Top 3 Curb Appeal Ideas for Commercial Properties


Keeping your commercial property looking its best has real value. Studies show customers are more likely to do business with a company that has a well-maintained property.  

Are you ready to give your commercial landscape that coveted curb appeal? Keep reading to discover three curb appeal ideas for commercial landscapes. 

How Does Curb Appeal Landscaping Help Your Business? 

Maintaining your commercial property means more than mowing and weed control. Commercial landscaping makes your business appear more welcoming, professional and successful.  

There are a variety of curb appeal ideas to consider - flowers that complement your logo, walkways and patio areas for employees and customers to enjoy, or landscape lighting options, to name a few.  

Customers, as well as new hires, appreciate an attractive, upbeat landscape. With today’s hyper-competitive market, this has never been more important. Landscaping can give you a competitive edge! 

The benefits of improving curb appeal for commercial landscaping include:  

  • Potential to attract more business 
  • Potential to attract employees  
  • Ability to increase property resale value 
  • Improved security and safety on your property 

At Rice’s we want to jump-start your thinking. Here are the top 3 ways to improve curb appeal for your business. 

  1. Professional Planting Installations

Professional Planting Installation

The first of our curb appeal landscaping ideas is somewhat of a no-brainer. Plants, trees, shrubs and flowers enhance a commercial property just as they do for a home. They add color and enhance the architecture.

Seasonal color keeps your business looking great year-round with spring bulbs, annuals, perennials and container gardens. The right landscaping can refresh tired entryways and make your building more inviting.

At Rice’s, our team can:

  • Upgrade containers with unique plants and flowers 
  • Give your grounds a fresh, new look with annual colorful flowers
  • Trim, prune and remove trees
  • Help disguise any unsightly views
  • Enhance the best areas of your property
  • Accentuate the architecture of your building
  1. Hardscape Installation

 Hardscape Installation

Hardscaping refers to manmade property additions, including entry monuments, walkways, steps, patios, and retaining walls. Adding hardscaping to your commercial property can make it more accessible and attractive. 

  • Outdoor spaces for employees or customers are welcome additions. They can even contribute to the well-being of your employees, who benefit from outdoor spaces to relax and recharge. Rice’s can create outdoor patios for eating, collaboration and relaxation.  
  • Defining walkways and paths to your business creates an inviting, functional way to guide foot traffic.
  • A retaining wall helps control erosion and adds visual interest with complementary landscaping.

See how Rice’s redefined the commercial landscape of Campbell Oil, including a newly designed entryway, a beautiful outdoor space and more.

  1. Landscape Lighting Installation

 Landscape Lighting Installation

Illuminate your facility with custom outdoor lighting design. Commercial landscape lighting adds beauty and safety. It lights walkways and doorways. It calls attention to your signage and makes your business look well-kept, even at night.

Keeping your business well-lit deters crime. Studies have shown that adding lighting to commercial properties significantly reduces crime.

The landscaping team at Rice’s will help identify your lighting goals and then walk you through design and installation. We also help preserve your investment with regular maintenance to keep your property shining brightly.

Commercial Landscaping Options 

Are you ready to enhance your commercial landscaping, add lighting and showcase your building and your signage? It’s important to treat your landscaping as part of your overall branding. First impressions matter! 

Rice’s offers a full-service approach to commercial landscaping. If you want to install new landscaping, we offer commercial design and installation. Our landscape engineers can transform your business property. We look at your distinct space and then determine the best way to utilize and enhance it.  

We also offer year-round commercial landscape management. As your professional landscaping partner, our team provides weekly services for your business and addresses any challenges, should they arise. 

In addition, our Commercial Grounds Services package also includes spring and fall cleanup, weed control, snow and ice management, mulch blowing and more.  

With our award-winning landscaping service, you get a dedicated account manager, so there is a single point of contact. We offer quick and precise estimates, fast response times, multi-year contracts and a true partnership.  

Let Rice’s transform your commercial landscaping with curb appeal that gets you noticed. Contact Rice’s to learn more.