Rice's Watering Instructions for Trees, Plants and Lawns in Northeast Ohio


In an ideal world, rainfall would arrive at perfect intervals to naturally maintain your lawn and landscape. In reality, watering your lawn, trees, flowers and shrubs might be the difference between a lush, thriving landscape and one that looks brown and dry. But how often and how much?

Watering guidelines can vary by location. For watering new or repaired lawns and landscapes in Northeast Ohio, Rice’s can offer some helpful guidelines. Read our attached Watering Guidelines for complete watering instructions.

Watering Trees and Shrubs in Northeast Ohio

For watering trees and shrubs, it’s important not to let the roots dry out completely, particularly in the first growing season. Our tree and shrub watering guidelines cover how many times to water, on average, based on the time of year.

A good, little-known tip is to follow up your watering schedule with a good, final watering in mid-November, to help sustain your trees and shrubs through the cold winter.

Watering Perennials and Annuals in Northeast Ohio

Watering every other morning – a light application of water – is the best method to keep your flowering plants looking beautiful. It’s important not to overwater, though. Many homeowners make the mistake of showering plants with too much water. Without enough room for oxygen in the soil, plants essentially drown. The attached PDF offers watering flowers guidelines to ensure you’re giving your plants the optimum level of water.

Watering New or Repaired Lawns in Northeast Ohio

Newly seeded lawns should be watered – and daily. And if your lawn was installed during the summer, it needs more frequent watering than lawns installed in spring or fall. Summer sun is hard on new grass seed, so new grass watering needs to be frequent enough and thorough enough to help it grow.

A sodded lawn should be watered twice a day until the roots have fully taken hold. Our new lawn watering guidelines cover all the details about how much water, how often and determining water depth.

Lawn and Landscape Care Made Easy

Caring for your lawn and landscaping can be time consuming. If you would rather enjoy your property than maintain it, Rice’s offers estate landscape management. With our estate landscape management services, we handle all of your lawn and landscape care.

If you have an irrigation system, our estate landscape management team will maintain it, including opening and closing the system at the beginning and end of the season. 

Our landscaping professionals can maintain your lawn and landscaping with expert care and attention. We also offer expertise in custom designed landscaping. We help you see the potential in your property and make it happen.

For more information on estate landscape management or custom designed landscapes, contact us.