8 Ideas for Outdoor Living Spaces to Make You Dream of Spring


A beautifully designed outdoor space that includes a pool, landscaping, retaining walls and a pergola. When winter finally breaks its hold on Northeast Ohio, everyone wants to go outside and enjoy the warmth and beauty of spring. And as spring turns to summer, having the perfect outdoor living space can make your backyard seem more like a retreat – an at-home vacation spot that everyone enjoys.  

Shake off the cold and ice! Start thinking about transforming your property into the perfect space to relax and entertain. Rice’s has eight outdoor living designs that will make you dream of spring.  

Ideas for Outdoor Living Spaces  

There are endless ways to improve outdoor living spaces. Landscaping, hardscaping, structures and more can bring out the potential in every yard.  

At Rice’s, our landscape designers have the expertise to help you visualize the possibilities to enhance your unique property, and then we bring those plans to life. Here are eight outdoor living ideas that we use to transform properties. Which of these sparks your interest?  


Pergolas add architectural beauty and shade, making outdoor living even more enjoyable. Rice’s builds custom pergolas, based on our meticulous plans and designs. Custom pergolas can be big or small, and we design them using multiple materials, including wood, composite, stone and vinyl. Let our landscape designers and custom carpenters design a pergola to fit your space.  


Patios extend your home’s space by giving you an outdoor “room.” With a patio designed by Rice’s, you’ll have a patio retreat that suits your property and style. We design custom patios with a variety of materials, including stamped concrete, brick, concrete pavers and flagstone. With our custom concrete color and stamping, your patio can have the high-end appearance of stone with a beautiful result that lasts.  

Outdoor Lighting 

Outdoor lighting is the touch many properties need to finish the space. Landscape lighting not only adds beauty and elegance; it improves safety and security. Rice’s designers will paint your landscaping with light. We help you pick and install outdoor custom light fixtures that enhance your home and suit your style. Outdoor lighting can be one of the fastest ways to improve curb appeal for your home.  

Retaining Walls 

Retaining walls do a lot for a property. They add shape and dimension, they help control erosion, provide raised flower beds, help direct water runoff and more. At Rice’s, we have experienced retaining wall landscapers. We offer custom retaining wall designs, using a variety of materials such as: concrete blocks and stone veneer, poured concrete, brick, natural stone, limestone or treated wood. 

Walkways and Pathways  

Rice’s can seamlessly integrate walkways and paths into your landscape, creating inviting transitions through your property. This design element is equal parts functional and beautiful. From rustic flagstone to traditional brick, we can create the perfect design for your space.  

Steps and Sidewalks 

Well-placed steps and sidewalks are both functional and attractive. The team at Rice’s offers unparalleled craftsmanship for steps and sidewalks to enhance your home. Maybe you want to upgrade the entrance to your home. Or perhaps you have a steep slope or transition area in your property that needs accessibility. With custom steps and sidewalks, you can have a safe, attractive and inviting addition to your outdoor space.  

Landscape Water Features 

A water feature is a calming element that enhances the natural beauty of your outdoor space. Water features can include ornamental ponds, waterfalls, bubblers, fishponds, garden pools and more. Water features can add ambiance to outdoor meals and entertaining. They attract birds or can be a location for beautiful fish. Whatever your reason for adding a water feature, you’ll find this is one outdoor space enhancement that is a real showstopper.  

Pool Landscaping 

Having your own backyard pool is a dream of many. Adding pool landscaping makes it even more dreamy. Pool landscaping can offer privacy, patio space for lounging, eating or entertaining and gives added natural beauty. The landscape designers at Rice’s will ensure your pool blends perfectly with your property. We enhance your pool with additions like plants, trees, shrubs, lighting, rock accents, pergolas, hot tubs and spas, privacy hedges, outdoor firepits and more.  

Ready to Transform Your Outdoor Space? 

We hope these ideas have started making you dream of spring - and of the many ways Rice’s can help you transform your property into a dream space you’ll enjoy for years to come. We want to make the most of your outdoor space, and our landscape designers and experienced team can make it happen. Talk to Rice’s today.