Revamping Your Image: How Commercial Landscaping Impacts Brand Perception


All businesses want a favorable corporate image. Everything you do – every day – works toward that end. So, don’t let your hard work be undone with an unfavorable first impression.  

If you’re revamping your commercial image, or just want to ensure a positive image is reflected during every customer interaction, start at your front door: look at your business’s corporate landscaping.

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How does commercial landscaping impact brand perception and your corporate image?

Commercial Landscaping Affects Perception 

Commercial landscaping studies show that improving commercial landscaping results in more customer traffic. It even improves the value of your property.  

People are more likely to stop in if your property looks inviting. Your corporate image needs to be reflected in the exterior of your business. 

Here are 7 ways commercial landscaping impacts brand perception. 

  1. Gets Attention

Appealing exteriors draw the eye. When potential customers see a well-kept and beautifully landscaped property, that perception informs their ideas about your brand. If your property does not meet their standards, they will likely pass on by. If you have a tired or drab landscape, adding some excitement can only benefit your brand image!  

For example, Rice’s improved a generic commercial façade and helped a business stand out. The previously lackluster landscaping was not helping this client attract customers or employees. But with redesigned exterior landscaping from Rice’s, they now make an exceptional first impression.  

Read the full Hendrickson International case study. 

  1. Boost Sales Potential

Studies show people are more likely to visit businesses with attractive landscaping. It turns out people do judge a book by its cover, so to speak. When you have a property that looks good, people notice and want to spend time there.  

Spending time usually equals sales.  

Obviously, it’s important to keep your property trimmed and manicured. Adding color that compliments your building or corresponds with your logo can step it up a notch.  

Healthy plants, blooming flowers and well-maintained beds all give your commercial property that perfect touch.Notice the places you frequent. More than likely, their commercial exterior is well kept and professional.  

View our portfolio featuring Belden Village Mall and our efforts to add visual interest. 

  1. Enforces Your Brand

Your corporate landscaping can use colors that complement your brand and logo. The right plants and other foliage can draw attention to signage or highlight distinctive features of your commercial building.  

Your property might be the very first impression a potential customer has with your business. It deserves consideration and maintenance, to ensure that impression is favorable.  

Find out how Rice’s helped the landmark attraction that is the Pro-Football Hall of Fame.  

  1. Indicates Professionalism and Prosperity

To potential customers, the appearance of your commercial property can be seen as a visual representation of the success of your business. It also can be interpreted as a reflection of how you handle details.  

Beautifully landscaped areas enhance your corporate image by making you look professional and organized. Sloppy, unkept corporate landscaping might suggest you are not attentive to details or that you take a haphazard approach to business. 

  1. Attracts the Best Talent

Attractive, well-kept spaces are friendly and welcoming, which is something potential future employees notice. Having a well-designed outdoor space can make you an employer of choice in your area. People want to have a nice outdoor space to relax, meet or have lunch, so adding landscaping or even a patio can help your business stand out.  

Through Rice’s Commercial Grounds Services, we can add hardscaping, such as patios. We can handle mulch blowing, planting, landscape lighting and more.  

  1. Adds Property Value

Commercial landscaping can add property value. Buyers look for well-maintained commercial properties. Your building will be worth more if you have a property that’s attractive, functions well and offers outdoor areas for people to gather.  

Remember, T.L.C. = R.O.I. You can do a whole property overhaul, or sometimes a refreshed landscape can bring new life to a building façade.  

Add color with trees, shrubs and flowers. Shaded areas can help maintain interior temperatures better and certain improvements can help resist erosion. Consider using a reputable landscaping company so you can break the cycle 

of redoing landscaping every couple of years by investing in an upfront, well-designed landscape with sustainable plantings, materials and mulches.  

  1. Increases Safety and Reduces Liability

In the winter, snow and ice can cause dangerous conditions! You need to keep the snow and ice clear for both your employees and customers. With Rice’s Commercial Grounds Services, we handle snow and ice removal 

Adding commercial property lighting ensures your property looks good even at night and helps deter crime.  

Need to upgrade your corporate landscaping? 

If you need a commercial property landscaping upgrade, talk to Rice’s. Some of the types of properties we landscape include multi-family units, office spaces, medical buildings, retail stores, manufacturing facilities, HOAs for condos, municipalities, government buildings and non-profits. 


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