Benefits of Maintenance Landscape Services


Benefits of Maintenance Landscape ServicesThis year has made many people think differently about their home. Having property that is both beautiful and functional makes spending more time at home less of a hardship and more of a comfort.

Maintaining a beautifully landscaped property can be time consuming. If you’re interested in a landscaping service to reduce your personal time and effort, Rice’s maintenance landscaping services could be the answer.

It makes sense to let professional landscapers handle the upkeep of your property – particularly if you have an extensive lawn with trees and shrubs. Having a landscaping service frees you up to focus on whatever you choose – work or relaxation with family and friends.

There are different types of landscape services. With a service such as Rice’s, you get much more than lawn mowing and occasional fertilization. We offer full property care year around.

Here are some of the things included in full-service landscaping from Rice’s:

Spring Cleanup:

We get right to work after the snow melts to prepare your lawn for spring. This includes a spring lawn treatment and cleanup of any debris accumulated through the winter, edging along concrete surfaces and bed edges, tree and shrub pruning and mulching.

Fertilization and Mowing:

We take a unique approach to lawn fertilization and weed control. That means that we select the right treatment for your lawn. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. As your lawn changes, your needs change, and our plan changes with you. We use our Rice’s proven lawn fertilization process. This process includes: crabgrass preventer, weed and feed, lawn food and winterizer. Each step provides your lawn with the exact thing it needs for that particular season.

Our dedicated lawn crew visits your lawn once a week, but we don’t just “mow and go.” We carefully mow your grass, neatly manicure your bed edges, dispose of yard trimmings, maintain your hard surfaces and take care of weeds as they that emerge.


Regular maintenance is key to maintaining a beautiful landscape. At Rice’s, we excel at regular maintenance. Our skilled team knows when to prune to ensure the best growth for your plants.

Fall Cleanup:

Rice’s will ensure your lawn reflects the beauty of fall. During your fall lawn cleanup, we remove leaves and annuals and trim perennials. As the temperatures drop, we monitor your irrigation system and adjust levels or shut them off entirely for the winter.

Bed Maintenance:

Properly maintained beds are part of every well-manicured lawn. We are dedicated to ongoing maintenance to keep your beds healthy and vibrant. Rice’s landscape gardeners visit every other week to prune, trim, fertilize and compost. We inspect your plants for disease and apply insect control to keep pests away.

Lawn Irrigation Maintenance:

Lawn irrigation is crucial to keeping your lawn looking it’s best. An irrigation system is not only effective, it’s the easiest way to maintain your lawn’s hydration. With Rice’s landscape service, we regularly check your irrigation system and ensure it is running effectively. We check it after winter for any damage. We turn the system off when winter sets in and take steps to prevent freezing.

Snow and Ice Removal:

When inclement weather hits, you’ll be pleased to see our crews removing snow and ice from your driveway and walking areas. We do everything to ensure your safety, while also taking care not to damage your property and hardscaping. We have gentle walkway equipment to sweep snow from slate, tile or cement sidewalks and patios. We also have the right equipment for extra-large driveways, such as bulk salt spreaders and BOSS snowplows.

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