Critical Factors to Consider When Hiring a Residential Landscaping Service


Professional landscaping company handling residential landscaping services and maintenanceIf you’re looking for residential landscape maintenance services in Northeast Ohio, you may wonder how to select the right landscaping company. While there are many companies who provide lawn mowing or other à la carte services, finding a truly comprehensive residential landscaping service can be more difficult.  

You want a local landscaping company that provides complete property care, meticulous attention to detail and personalized service.  

As you begin your search for the right residential landscaping company for your home, here are several critical factors to consider.  


When hiring a residential landscape maintenance company, it’s important that they are located in close proximity to your home for more convenient service. But choosing a locally based landscaping company, as opposed to one that is headquartered far away, comes with other advantages.  

A landscaping company in Northeast Ohio understands the climate. A local company, like Rice’s, knows what grass, plants and trees grow best in Ohio and how to care for them throughout our varying four seasons.  

A local Northeast Ohio company also offers more personalized service. Rice’s seeks to give our Estate Landscape Management clients the attention they deserve. We are prompt and responsive to your needs, and it’s easy to get ahold of us.  

It’s also likely that your neighbors and friends have heard of local companies, and you can ask for recommendations. At Rice’s, we’re proud of our five-star reviews, our awards and our local reputation.  

Services Offered 

When considering landscaping services for your home, you can choose a more scaled down approach and hire a mowing company. But if you’re looking for a more comprehensive landscaping package, you’ll want to look for something that is a step up.  

At Rice’s, our estate landscaping services package offers custom, year-round landscaping. We handle much more than just mowing.  

With the estate landscape management package, you get bed maintenance, spring cleanup, lawn fertilization, mid-summer pruning, fall cleanup and irrigation system opening and closing.  

With our residential property landscaping program, you get customized service, with a plan developed just for your property. All our residential customers have a landscaping liaison who serves as a single point of contact, so it’s easy to communicate any requests. We want to ensure that you are happy with your service and get the personalized attention you deserve.  


Choosing a landscaping company for your residential property is important. You want your home to look great during all four seasons, whether you are home or away. Rice’s has certified landscape architects and designers, as well as professional, trustworthy teams to maintain your property.  

We offer best-in-class landscaping care. We have won more than 40 Ohio Landscaping Association awards, and we will ensure that you get the very best full-service landscape maintenance.  

What Makes Rice’s Different? 

If you need estate landscape services and management in Northeast Ohio, you want the best. Rice’s service is second-to-none.  

Why are we better? 

  • We’re a family company, currently with the third generation of leadership. We’re passionate about landscaping.  
  • Our one point of contact makes it so easy and convenient. Your liaison will handle all aspects of your landscaping program, including any package enhancement services. 
  • We also offer custom landscape design, so you can use Rice’s for any larger projects such as adding patios, pergolas, sidewalks and walkways, and more.  

Estate Landscape Management from Rice’s 

Choosing a residential landscaping company doesn’t have to be stressful.  

If you want premier residential landscaping maintenance, Rice’s has the program you need. Our comprehensive package handles everything for your property, throughout all four seasons in Ohio.  

Contact Rice’s today to talk about your own complete residential landscaping program.