John Leonard

Landscape Designer and Sales

Portrait of Jennifer Ames, Relationship & Office ManagerJohn Leonard joined the Rice’s team in 2018. He has more than nine years of landscape designer and sales experience and 18+ years of experience working in landscape and construction related industries. John earned an associate's degree in industrial design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and a bachelor's degree in landscape architecture from The Ohio State University. His background has provided him the chance to grow as a designer and hone his communication skills to help clients envision the great opportunities their landscapes can provide them. John's favorite part of his job is helping people transform their landscape from something unusable to something beautiful and functional.

At Rice's, John creates unique landscape designs for both residential and commercial customers, building relationships with new and existing customers while working with subcontractors, crew leaders, foremen and production staff to make sure projects run smoothly during all parts of the construction process. 

When he's not in the office, he enjoys hiking, traveling, gardening, cooking and playing various sports with family and friends.