Why Year-Round Commercial Grounds Services Are Essential in the Midwest


A commercial property is shown with a well-maintained exterior that is possible with a year-round commercial grounds serviceMaintaining your commercial property is essential to your brand image. Studies show that a well-kept exterior invites more customer traffic. But if you think the benefits of commercial grounds service stop when the grass goes dormant, you should reconsider.  

Year-round commercial grounds service is essential, even in areas that experience winter cold and snow, like the Midwest. You may not have grass that needs to be mowed or flowers blooming, but your landscaping still needs attention.  

If you’re looking for commercial landscaping in Northeast Ohio, Rice’s offers year-round service. Our commercial grounds services keep your property in tip-top shape, even through the fall and winter and heading into early spring.  

Here are some “off-season” jobs Rice’s handles throughout the year through our commercial grounds services.  

Pruning Trees

The ideal time to prune trees is following summer growth, after the leaves have fallen and after multiple days of cold temperatures. Choosing the right time to prune decreases the stress of the process. Pruning helps maintain the health and aesthetics of trees by stimulating growth and controlling shape.  

It’s a good idea to prune branches before they are weighed down with ice and snow. When we see a branch or area of a tree that might collapse under that weight, we remove it to prevent that from happening.  

Seasonal Color

Adding seasonal color to your commercial landscaping keeps things fresh and adds instant curb appeal. Having a service provider who can add seasonal color is rather unique in the commercial grounds industry. At Rice’s, our team has the creativity and knowledge to create custom seasonal color for our commercial grounds service clients.  

And, if you have an idea or vision of what you would like to see, we can work together and make it happen.  

Spring and Fall Cleanup

These two seasons require some extra landscaping attention. Harsh Ohio winters can leave your property looking like a mess in the early spring. Our team handles cleanup, getting your grounds ready for the growing season. 

Fall means leaves and other debris from winds and rain. Rice’s removes leaves from your property, handles any annual or perennial needs and completely prepares your grounds for the winter ahead. 

Bed Maintenance

Your commercial property landscaping beds need year-round maintenance. Our knowledgeable staff understands the proper timing and technique for extending the life of plant material. We make suggestions on needed changes as plantings age. 

(Did you know: 10 years is the average lifetime of a landscaping bed? After 10 years, crowding can become an issue and removals, replacements and renovations are necessary.) 


Adding mulch, yearly, is an important task. When mulch breaks down, it replenishes the soil with much needed nutrients, keeping your plants better fed and in overall better health. When we apply a pre-emergent under the mulch, this helps keep weeds to a minimum as well.  


While many people think spring is the only time to fertilize, we give our commercial lawns a final treatment of the year – right before winter sets in - that promotes health and growth of the grass when it comes out of dormancy in the spring. This final application of fertilizer allows the soil time to absorb and replenish nutrients, since the grass is no longer feeding at a rapid rate.  

Leaf Removal

Removing leaves from your commercial property is essential to maintaining your grass. Our commercial grounds crews clean up and remove organic debris from landscape beds, outdoor entertainment areas and nooks and crannies where leaves collect. 

Irrigation Systems

If your commercial property includes an irrigation system, we can handle opening and closing at the beginning and end of the watering season. Our team also prepares and programs your irrigation systems, making necessary adjustments. 

Snow Removal

Snow removal is the most commonly understood winter landscaping service. Rice’s offers snow removal for our year-round commercial grounds' clients. Staying on top of snow removal and ice is important for the safety of your employees and customers.  

Maintain your commercial property year-round with Rice’s

You have enough on your plate running your business. Commercial grounds maintenance should not be a worry. Let Rice’s handle it! We’re the premier provider of year-round landscaping and commercial grounds maintenance in Canton and Akron, Ohio.  

With our full-service commercial grounds maintenance program, you get: 

  • Year-round weekly service 
  • A dedicated account manager, who proactively manages your property and takes care of any needs as they arise 
  • Our hardworking, professional and well-trained crews working on your property 

Your account manager will communicate with you and let you know of any suggested enhancements that might benefit your property. You can count on Rice’s to keep your property looking its best.  

We also offer, as a separate service, commercial landscape design. You can see our landscaping at some of the most prominent commercial locations in the area. 

Get all-season commercial landscaping services. Contact Rice’s today.